“I make a point of only reading well written documents.
  That’s why I never read any of my own writing.”  
                                                Mach Twain, 10-12-2017

Part of us is always in a dream. 

Part of us stays here and present. 

Yin yang - two us - part body - part spirit. 

When connected two become one true self

God Versus Universe

In god mankind contrives connection with universe.

We know universe exists.

It wakes us up every morning and puts us to sleep every night. 

God is debatable and so it goes.

What god is for one culture is distinct.

It is geographical identities which light our world.

Every woman, man and child connected.

Music is the common language.

Spoken with note and time music and song unite. 

It is through this song and dance routine which enables us.

Reaching through the darkness of silence it is music to our ears.