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Filoli Garden Workshops
Walnut Creek Community Arts - presently
Palo Alto Art Center
Veterans Administration
Pacific Art League
Art Missoula
Central Wyoming College, Jackson Hole
Center for Creative Studies (guest lecturer)
Learning Annex
Every Women's Village
Much creative energy now flows into my 12,000 page manuscript "The Shaman-Chronicles"
"The Shaman-Chronicles" 

An epic story of forbidden love between the High Priestess of UlayanByatar and a shaman from the wrong side of time. 

Set in a race against time, beauty reigns at Wowsers Amazon Resort as the story weaves a tale of womens rivalry with men.

"In these words I fictionalize the women's rights movement from 1792 until 2042 when women are victorious and finally rule the planet and men don't mind a bit."

  Mach Twain aka Conrad Johnson

"The big gals of the lost isle lose control and go on a manhunt when they can’t find 5” designer stilettos for their size 11N flat feet, going all leather and spear to Milan, wreaking havoc and hysteria through houses of haute couture."
When rival tech gurus cross paths at a fund raiser for "Women Without Phones", gangs of software engineers rumble in the caffeinated alleys of Silicon City. 
In 1943, British commando Shawn Cannery leads raid on top secret Nazi UFO base to capture "THING"
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Mystery of the 
One Handed Clock
P A R A D I S E   C O V E
After crushing the taxi business Allyce triples fares going “uber alles” in his challenge to Gurggel, Mapple and Tessla. His takeover of the self-driving automotive industry will provide low-cost driverless cabs.
R e p r e s e n t e d   b y